Securing Transformative Transportation Systems

Aug 13, 2018

speaker-Steve-GriffithNEMA Industry Director Steve Griffith discusses the new technical Standard, NEMA TS 8-2018 Cyber and Physical Security for Intelligent Transportation Systems, which encourages implementation of cyber and physical security in transportation systems—legacy, new, and those with revisions planned for the future.

MW 820 and the Importance of Conductor Softness Testing

Apr 4, 2017

speakers-Mike-Leibowitz-Don-BartaNEMA's Mike Leibowitz talks with Don Barta of Rea Magnet Wire about the importance of conductor softness testing in the magnet wire industry, covered in NEMA MW 820-2016 Conductor Softness Testing Methods. These methods are derived from ASTM Standards but are tailored to apply to magnet wire manufacturing.

Adopting Volt/VAR Optimization Technologies

Jan 30, 2017

speaker-Tricia-BreegerTricia Breeger of Mitsubishi Electric Power Products discusses volt/VAR technologies. She explains the differences between traditional volt/VAR management technologies and newer VVO technologies, as well as the benefits to electric utilities of adopting these technologies.

Distribution Automation

Bulletin 108 Aids in Planning Electrical Systems

Dec 16, 2016

speakers-Mike-Leibowitz-George-StranieroNEMA Program Manager Mike Leibowitz and George Straniero, manager of codes and Standards at AFC Cable Systems, discuss the purpose and benefits of NEMA Engineering Bulletin 108, Application of Flexible Conduit for Structural Joints Intended for  Expansion, Contraction, or Deflection, and how this helps in the planning of electrical systems involving structural joints in or on buildings, bridges, garages and other structures.

The New Class N Pathway

Dec 14, 2016

speaker-Denise-PappasNEMA 3SB’s Denise Pappas is back, this time discussing the new Class N pathway that appears in the 2016 Edition of NFPA 72 and its importance in the convergence of building systems for designers, installers, code officials, owners, and users of fire and life safety systems.

Life Safety Systems Guides and Manuals Fire Detection, Alerting and Signaling

Microgrids and the Future of the Electrical System

Oct 2, 2016

speaker-Steve-GriffithNEMA Industry Director Steve Griffith discusses a new NEMA report, Powering Microgrids for the 21st-Century Electrical System, which introduces microgrids as an integral component of the power delivery system of the twenty-first century. Steve explains how microgrids are being used today, how that will change in the coming years, and what the implications are for future of the distribution grid.

NEMA MGRD 1-2016: Powering Microgrids for the 21st-Century Electrical System

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Excerpts from an Interview with Don Leavens, NEMA Chief Economist

Aug 3, 2016

speaker-Don-LeavensDon Leavens will give a complete and up-to-date review of the economy for 2016 along with his outlook for 2017 at the NEMA Annual Meeting, November 16-17, 2016

Electric News: Examine the Economy with Industry Expert | electroindustry, August 2016

Internet of Things: What’s the Big Idea?

Aug 2, 2016

speaker-Robin-Duke-WoolleyListen to Robin Duke-Woolley, an internationally recognized thought leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), discuss what the IoT means for manufacturers and how it compares to new terms like Industrial Internet of Things and Internet of Manufacturing.

The Internet of Things: A New Age for Manufacturers | electroindustry, August 2016