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NEMA represents the electrical and medical imaging industries that power modern living, innovate life-saving medical technologies, and build our connected future. Together, our industries are responsible for 1.65 million American jobs and contribute more than $200 billion to the U.S. economy.

Companies that manufacture electrical products for sale in the United States may apply for membership in NEMA. Companies of all sizes and development stages, from innovative start-ups to established multi-national companies, benefit from NEMA’s best-in-class advocacy, business intelligence, and industry standards.

NEMA’s Council for Small Businesses engages and provides value to small and mid-sized companies through dedicated resources and networking opportunities. Distributors of electrical products, industrial suppliers, and strategic partners that serve the industry are eligible for NEMA Associate Membership.

NEMA drives the agenda and shapes the message to lawmakers and regulators, delivering hundreds of billions of dollars in direct and indirect benefits to the industry
Decision-grade analysis and market reports help members shape their business strategy in today’s dynamic market
Promote interoperability, efficiency, safety, resiliency, and sustainability through more than 700 standards, widely adopted in the NEC
Curated communications, networking, and education