Electric Mobility and the NEMA Automotive Component Council

Mar 29, 2022

NEMA’s Steve Griffith chats with ArentFox Schiff about the NEMA Automotive Components Council and what vehicle component manufacturers need to know given news of the latest investment in electric mobility for public transportation and the increasing role of the USMCA.

Automotive Component Council

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Capacitor Bank Purchasing Specifications Guidance

Mar 7, 2022

Guidance to help engineers draft comprehensive and clear purchasing specifications for capacitor banks. Roy W. Alexander is a life fellow of IEEE and Distinguished member of CIGRE. From 1972 – 2010 he was an engineer at PPL Electric Utilities in various positions, from 1995 -2010 as Sr. Staff Engineer/Scientist. At PPL he was known as "Mr. capacitor" having been capacitor specialist  from 1973 - 2010.  Aside from numerous 69kV capacitor banks, Roy designed PPL's first 138 kV capacitor bank, 1979, first 230 kV capacitor bank 1980 and first 550kV capacitor banks 1985. In 2005 He designed the "Ultra Reliable" 230 and 550 kV capacitor banks for the Susquehanna Nuclear Station Switchyards. He and his wife currently have a power engineering consulting firm RWA Engineering LLC in Cranberry Township, PA since 2010.  | NEMA Capacitor

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Overview of NEMA HV3 – Purchasing Spec Guidance for Insulators

Dec 15, 2021

In this podcast, two NEMA Members describe some basic steps utilities can take to ensure that they are getting quality insulator products.

Suggested Purchase Specification Guidelines for High Voltage Insulators | High Voltage Insulator Toolkit

Introduction to the U.S. DOE Energy Conservation Standards Rulemaking Process

Oct 4, 2021

speaker-Alex-BosenbergStaff reviews the common paths and processes by which the U.S. Department of Energy conducts regulatory proceedings to establish and update test procedures and energy conservation Standards for covered products and appliances.

NEMA Regulatory Training Module 1: Intro to DOE Regulatory Training | * Members Only

What Gets Designed Gets Procured: A Window Into the Pre-Construction Workflow with Trimble

Jul 14, 2021

speaker-Tod-MooreTod Moore from Trimble joins us to provide listeners with insights on today’s pre-construction workflow and how, when manufacturer data is used in a contractor estimate and 3D design model, those products are most likely to be procured.

For more information, check out this popular Trimble webinar, Placing Content in Front of Contractors from Estimating through Design and Procurement.

Sponsored by Trimble

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SF6 Emissions Reporting Regulations

Jun 29, 2021

Learn what different jurisdictions require when it comes to reporting SF6 emissions and how to tell whether you are required to comply.

For more information visit the SF6 & Alternatives Coalition website.

Surge Arrester Basic Lightning Impulse Insulation Level

Apr 9, 2021
speaker-Ryan-FreemanHubbell Power Systems joined NEMA to explain surge arrester basic lightning impulse insulation level, or BIL, and clear up a common misconception about arrester vs system BIL.

Surge Arresters | www.nemaarresters.org

New Product Standard for Guy Strains

Dec 4, 2020
NEMA published a Standard for guy strain insulators.  The new Standard goes beyond NESC requirements to ensure interchangeability among brands and product integrity over time.

High Voltage Insulator | High Voltage Insulator Toolkit

The Line Surge Arrester Benefit Calculator

Oct 26, 2020

Jonathan Woodworth of ArresterWorks joins NEMA to discuss the new Line Surge Arrester Benefit Calculator that utilities can use to identify cost-savings that could be obtained by installing surge arresters on overhead lines.

Surge Arresters | www.nemaarresters.org

What To Do With Used SF6

Sep 1, 2020

Learn about options for used SF6 and what is entailed in re-conditioning, recycling and destruction.

For more information visit the SF6 & Alternatives Coalition website.