Let's Talk Fire & Life Safety | Episode 7: NFPA 915

Jul 28, 2023

NFPA 915 provides the minimum requirements for the procedures, methods transmission, data collection and documentation associated with remote inspections and tests.  Methods for conducting remote inspections and tests can range from handheld devices to other means, including, but not limited to, unmanned aircraft systems.

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Let's Talk Fire & Life Safety | Episode 6: NFPA 715

Jun 21, 2023

NFPA 715 is a new standard that covers all aspects of the installation of fuel gas warning equipment.  This is important given the increased concern over fuel gas hazards after several recent major fatal incidents involving combustible gas releases within residential and commercial occupancies.

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Let's Talk Fire & Life Safety | Episode 5: NFPA 72

May 31, 2023

This month’s podcast covers several important changes to NFPA 72 – the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code – including remote access, CO mounted detectors, rechargeable batteries and cybersecurity.

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Let's Talk Fire & Life Safety | Episode 4: Remote Access

Apr 30, 2023

As technology changes, there are adaptations that the Fire Life Safety industry is adopting.  It is important to understand the benefits of these new technologies to continue saving lives of our building occupants and first responders. This podcast covers Emerging Technology for Designers, Installers, Code Officials, Owners and Users of Fire and Life Safety Systems.

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Let's Talk Fire & Life Safety | Episode 3: NEMA Value

Mar 31, 2023

In this podcast, our speakers highlight key activities and value of the Fire, Life Safety, Security & Emergency Communication Section and the Health Care Communication & Emergency Call Systems Section.

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Let's Talk Fire & Life Safety | Episode 2: UL 268

Feb 28, 2023

As time has brought changes to many technologies in our daily lives, so too has the need for changes to be made in smoke detection for the built environment.  This podcast explains the general status of the UL 268 standard and important future dates surrounding the use of smoke detectors.

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Let's Talk Fire & Life Safety | Episode 1: NFPA and ICC Codes

Jan 31, 2023

NEMA supports a three-year adoption cycle by states and local jurisdictions for national model building codes to coincide with the national revision cycles. Our speakers discuss the importance of adopting the latest NFPA and ICC Codes as well as some of the challenges.

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The California Energy Commission and its Energy Efficiency Regulations

Jul 4, 2022

speaker-Alex-BosenbergStaff discusses the CEC and its energy efficiency regulations for Appliances (Title 20) and Buildings (Title 24).

NEMA Regulatory Training Module 7: CA Energy Commission Regulations | *NEMA Members

The U.S. DOE Process Improvement Rule

Jun 27, 2022

speaker-Alex-BosenbergStaff discusses the Appliance Standards program’s Process Improvement Rule of 1996 and subsequent amendments to present day.

NEMA Regulatory Training Module 6: DOE Process Rule | *NEMA Members

The U.S. DOE Appliance Efficiency Standards Certification and Enforcement Program

Jun 20, 2022

speaker-Alex-BosenbergStaff discusses the process for and mechanisms related to the U.S. DOE Certification Compliance and Enforcement (CCE) program.

NEMA Regulatory Training Module 5: DOE Certification and Enforcement | *NEMA Members