NEMA’s public policy advocacy moves the electroindustry forward and delivers value to members through favorable legislation, regulation, and other government action. NEMA members directly engage with NEMA’s Public Affairs team, lawmakers, and regulators to improve the legislative and regulatory landscape.

NEMA’s campaign-style approach to the energy transition, supply chain and trade resiliency, and infrastructure targets resources on key priorities to optimize impact. We are driving results:

Facilitating access to more than $400B in federal infrastructure spending through legislation and agency implementation
Influencing state electric vehicle charging plans in 35 states and counting by pressing for an integrated, comprehensive, and nationwide approach
Working to secure $13B in grants for home and commercial energy efficiency and more than $90B in electric vehicle and other clean energy tax credits
Continuing to influence billions in funding for semiconductors essential to electroindustry products

Successfully shaping agency regulations on motors, lighting, chemicals, and more
Persuading the Administration to forego tariffs on rare-earth magnets


NEMA’s Business Intelligence helps members with their strategic planning. NEMA’s team of world-class economists provide exclusive industry data, customized research, detailed sector analyses, economic forecasting, and modeling services to enhance business decision-making.

Member-exclusive tools and resources help members capitalize on business opportunities.

NEMA’s Infrastructure Hub helps members identify infrastructure funding opportunities.
The Electroindustry Economic Impact Website shows the industry’s financial contributions at the state and congressional district level.
NEMA’s Energy Transition Roadmap allows members to make data-driven, well-informed choices that maximize investments in our electrified energy future.

Industry Standards

NEMA’s nearly 1,000 technical standards are the foundation of our electrified world. NEMA members develop these standards and other technical documents to usher in new technologies and to promote efficiency, interoperability, safety, resiliency, and sustainability.

Over 70% of NEMA’s 165 proposed code amendments were adopted into the 2023 National Electrical Code. Work on the next code cycle is underway.
In 2022, NEMA published 160 new and revised standards, including those impacting motors and generators, wire and cable, electrical safety, and submeters.
NEMA is growing its influence on international standards and further strengthening its position as the standards leader for the North American market.

Learning and Networking

Membership in NEMA also provides the opportunity to work with and learn from other industry leaders from over 300 companies across the country and around the world. NEMA can help your business leaders and technical experts better understand the marketplace and learn from others in the industry.

NEMA members stay informed through curated NEMA communications and enjoy endless networking opportunities at NEMA events.

The NEMA Current is the weekly newsletter keeping members engaged in NEMA initiatives.
The NEMA SmartBrief provides daily industry news and intelligence.
And the GR Jolt public affairs intelligence, insights, and strategy every Sunday.
The weekly Standards Spotlight newsletter highlights technical documents relevant to your industry.

NEMA helps companies of all sizes and development stages, from innovative start-ups to established multinational companies. NEMA’s Council for Small Businesses engages and provides value to small and mid-sized companies through dedicated resources and networking opportunities.

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