Associate Members

We value our associate members, giving them immediate tangible benefits of access, information, exposure, and discounts. 

Information Access  

NEMA provides our associatemembers with an array of information on the electroindustry, including complimentary subscriptions to oure-newsletters and access to theNEMAIntelligence Portal, pulling together targeted content regarding the policy environment in which NEMA member companies operate.  


All new associate members areidentified to all NEMA members. Your organization will have a summary listing of corporate information on the NEMA associate member section of Membership brings other opportunities to raise your organization’s visibility among NEMA manufacturing members as well. Exclusive sponsorships, product and service displays, and other promotional opportunities are available only to NEMA associate members.  

Association With NEMA  

Associate members have the opportunity to publicize their NEMA connection through the use of NEMA’s specially-identified associate member logo on their website.

Ready to join NEMA? Contact  Ashley Musselman or call NEMA at 703-841-3200.