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U.S. National Committee for the IECEx

The U.S. National Committee for the IECEx (USNC/IECEx) is the U.S. Member Body for the IECEx System. The USNC/IECEx coordinates its activities with the other Systems in the U.S. by actively participating in the USNC/IEC Council and the Conformity Assessment Policy Coordination Committee (CAPCC).  The purpose of CAPCC is to develop and coordinate USNC/IEC positions on IEC Conformity Assessment Board (IEC CAB) issues and other International, Regional or National Conformity Assessment agendas that may impact IEC Conformity Assessment System’s activities or interests within the U.S. The IECEx System is the International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres.


The principal objective of the USNC/IECEx is to:

  • Serve as the U.S. Member Body of the IECEx System for conformity testing and certification of electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres.

  • Coordinate with U.S. Ex Certification Bodies (ExCBs) to assure that National Differences to Ex standards for safety that are accepted for use in the IECEx System are uniform for all ExCBs in the United States.

  • Process applications for submission to the Secretariat of the IECEx System.

  • Develop U.S. viewpoints and comments on all matters pertaining to the IECEx System.

  • Provide a structure which is open to all related industry stakeholders.

The principle objective of the IECEx System is to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in explosive atmospheres, while maintaining the required level of safety, including:

  • Reduced testing and certification costs to manufacturer

  • Reduced time to market

  • International confidence in the product assessment process

  • One international database listing

  • Maintaining international confidence in equipment and services covered by IECEx Certification


Membership in the USNC/IECEx is open to all U.S. National interested parties who are directly and materially affected by the committee's activity. Participation is fair and equitable without dominance by any single interest. All U.S. ExCBs are members of the USNC/IECEx.

U.S. National Interested Parties are one of the following entities:

  • An individual representing a corporation or an organization domiciled in the U.S.

  • An individual representing a U.S. federal, state or local government entity.

  • A U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Anyone interested in becoming a member, including testing and certification bodies, shall make a request in writing to the USNC/IECEx Secretary stating why they believe their organization is directly and materially affected by the committee's activities.

Regarding IECEx System membership, it is by country, with there being 33 Member Body Countries as of January 2017.

IECEx System certification schemes

The IECEx System comprises the following four certification schemes:

Ex Equipment manufacturers, Ex Service providers and Ex Personnel can apply to ExCBs in the United States for certification under any of these four certification schemes.  The current U.S. ExCBs under these schemes are:

Executive organization of the USNC/IECEx

  • Chair:

Evans Massey (Baldor, A Member of the ABB Group)

  • Vice Chair:

Paul T. Kelly (UL LLC)

  • Treasurer:

Dalia El Tawy (Siemens Energy, Inc.)

  • Secretary:

Joel Solis (NEMA)

More information

Further information is available directly from the USNC/IECEx Secretary via the coordinates show below...

Joel Solis
Secretary, USNC IECEx
c/o NEMA
1300 North 17th Street, Suite 900
Rosslyn, VA, 22209
Phone: (703) 841-3267
Fax: (703) 841-3367
E-Mail: joel_solis@nema.org


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