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The Field Program: Serving NEMA Members and Promoting Public Safety

​​ Program Mission
The NEMA Field Representative Program promotes the direct adoption and implementation without amendment of the latest edition of the National Electrical Code® (NEC) by states and local jurisdiction. This supports manufacturers by allowing the same product to be safely installed and accepted in all 50 states.
NEMA Field Representatives
  • ​Alert NEMA members through the Code Alert system to code-related issues at the state and local level that may delay or prohibit installation of their products.
  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) throughout the U.S. By nurturing these relationships, field reps can exert influence on the installation of NEMA member products while gaining valuable insight on state and local issues for NEMA members.
  • Provide training on the latest safety codes and on the proper installation and use of NEMA member products.
  • Maintain up to date reports on the current adoption and implementation of electrical codes and energy codes in the U.S.
  • Have expert knowledge of the code adoption processes and of influential individuals who can impact these processes at the state and local level.
  • Advocate NEMA positions pertaining to electrical safety, code adoptions, and other issues of importance to NEMA members.
  • Assist in solving problems involving the installation of NEMA member products by serving as intermediaries between AHJs and NEMA member companies.
Ready to Inform and to Act.
In addition to their involvement with the NEC® and state and local adoption of electrical codes, the NEMA Field Representatives track the progress of state and local laws affecting the electroindustry in areas such as energy, environment, and product certification.

For more information on the Field Program, email Megan Hayes​ or call (703) 841-3236. 


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