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Lighting Systems

​​​Lighting intersects every aspect of modern life. The NEMA Lighting Systems Division strives to grow markets, achieve reasonable energy and environmental regulations, and promote the benefits of lighting. Because connected systems lay the foundation for convergence in the built environment, a significant number of Members also belong to other NEMA d​ivisions. This collaboration encourages cohesive and cost-effective use of technical knowledge and advocacy.


The lighting industry is in the midst of major disruptive changes due to widespread adoption of light-emitting diode (LED) technology. When sensors, networks, and software are connected or added to LED infrastructures, the resulting system enables services, benefits, and revenue streams that exceed the value of lighting alone. Not only does the LED revolution affect efficiency, cost, demand, production, and global competition, it allows for more control of lighting, resulting in more consumer options and higher quality lighting designs.


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