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Lighting Systems

News: Lighting Options for Your Home: Transition to Energy-Efficient Lighting and 5 L's of Lighting


NEMA's Lighting Systems Division contains the product sections noted to the left. Please click on the product to view the related standards, documents, news, and more.

The Division provides the organizational framework for manufacturers of lighting equipment to work together on projects that impact their industry and their businesses.

To view a Lighting Division brochure highlighting activities and programs, click here.

One of the major outcomes of this cooperative effort is the establishment of technical standards and codes. Related issues, such as product compatibility, conformity assessment and safety, are also addressed. Legislative and regulatory matters also are dealt with on an industry-wide basis. The collective industry voice through NEMA speaks with more authority than any one company could. Collecting and disseminating statistical information is a third industry-wide project which provides new tools and resources for member companies.

Supported by the expertise of Lighting Systems Division members, NEMA is secretariat for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) lighting standards program for C78 (Lamps), C79 (Bulbs), C81 (Lamp Bases and Holders), and C82 (Ballasts).

NEMA is also the secretariat for the CANENA Lighting Technical Harmonization Committee (THC34) which is working on North American standards for lamps, ballasts, and fixtures. Several U.S.-Canada bi-national standards projects are also underway.

Internationally, NEMA members provide leadership in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee 34 on ballasts, lamps, luminaires, and controls. The Lighting Systems Division is active in the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) work on the art and science of lighting.

Division representatives are also involved in and review technical work of other organizations such as Underwriters Laboratories, CSA, ASTM, IEEE, NECA, IESNA, NAED.

Energy Efficiency

NEMA’s members are in the energy efficiency business. As such, NEMA has exercised influence and played a key role in the legislative and regulatory arenas for many years. The Division is:

  • Advising the Department of Energy (DOE) and executive agencies on lighting research and market transformation needs
  • Participating in the climate change discussions with the Administration and Congress
  • Monitoring energy-efficiency rulemakings and standards affecting lighting products by DOE and states
  • Promoting the national voluntary luminaire rating and information program under the National Lighting Collaborative
  • Supporting adoption of new ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 lighting provisions
  • Advising the DOE Federal Energy Management Program on energy efficient lighting recommendations
  • Coordinating with the DOE and Environmental Protection Agency on Energy Star® Buildings and Energy Star voluntary product labeling programs.
  • Advocating market-based approaches to enhance the use and penetration of energy-efficient technologies


Members of the Lighting Systems Division believe that environmentally sound policies and intelligent manufacturing go hand in hand. Key division priorities in the environment include:

  • Addressing fluorescent lamp disposal issues and legislation in various states.
  • Promotion of proper management of spent lamps.

Market Economics

Through NEMA, member companies are able to develop and implement tailored, industry-specific market and statistical programs that benefit participating companies. Reports include:

  • Product Orders and Sales
  • Market Forecasting
  • Shipments by Trading Areas
  • Channels of Distribution
  • Financial and Operating Ratios
  • Wages and Benefits
  • Foreign Trade

The association also conducts economic analyses on the impact of legislation and regulations on member products, and monitors and reports on key industry market indicators. All programs comply with NEMA statistical confidentiality policies.

Industry Advocacy & Programs

The Division is a sponsor and supporter of several activities including:

  • National Lighting Bureau
    The NLB is an educational, non-technical organization that promotes "High-Benefit Lighting" through magazine articles, awards programs, news releases, and other publications.

  • National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions
    NCQLP promotes high quality lighting applications through its education and examination requirements for individual practitioner certification in the lighting industry.

  • Lighting Controls Association
    The LCA promotes the benefits, specification and utilization of lighting control products and fluorescent dimming technology.
  • NEMA ALA Platform Matrix for EPA Residential Light Fixtures Program
    Provides lamp and ballast combinations, that when used in residential lighting fixtures, will meet certain Energy Star performance requirements as defined in the Energy Star for Resident Light Fixture Eligibility Criteria for Version 3.1. Developed by NEMA and the American Lighting Association (ALA).

Forums Available:

  • American National Lighting Standards Public Forum
  • NEMA Lighting Division Forum

More about NEMA products

NEMA is composed of eight divisions, representing major categories in the electrical manufacturing industry. Each division is composed of a number of product-specific sections.

Section activities are facilitated by industry managers and specialists in NEMA’s four core areas: engineering, government affairs, e-commerce, and economic data, reflecting the principles of managed projects and teamwork.

Activities of divisions vary in relation to the programs conducted by their sections, as well as the desires of their memberships. Each division has its own board of directors, which review and guide section level activities.

Finding product-related information

  • The list of NEMA's divisions can be displayed by rolling your mouse over the menu item, products.
  • Clicking on a division will display the sections contained within it.
  • It is not necessary to know the division or section to find a standard, related product, or other news. Simply use the search feature, "Select a Product" to find the information.

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