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Building Systems

​​Modern buildings are more than the sum of their parts. The NEMA Building Systems Division promotes safety, performance, and energy efficiency through the interconnectivity of individual components with electrical, mechanical, and lighting systems. Division products increase the comfort and productivity of the people in commercial, government, and industrial facilities.  


New and retrofit commercial, industrial, and residential buildings rely on integrated systems to provide shelter, safety, comfort, and convenience. Automated systems are possible because of controllers, sensors, and software that aggregate data, analyze use, diagnose problems, predict maintenance, and improve performance. The shift from conventional relationships to collaborative ones reflects and encourages innovation in design, technology, sustainability, and life safety.


High-Performance Buildings Council​

The NEMA High-Performance Buildings Council (HPBC) promotes the adoption of high-performance technologies and systems that increase the energy efficiency, safety, resilience, sustainability, productivity, and security of Federal, commercial, and multi-family residential buildings.​​

The council's objective is to increase demand for high-performance buildings through:

  • ​Government Relations: Developing and advocating for Federal, state, and local policies that promote high-performance buildings
  • Market Transparency: Encouraging performance transparency through building labels, ratings, and benchmarking and disclosure
  • Financing Solutions: Developing and promoting financing solutions for building owners to assist with the upfront cost of investing in high-performance buildings
  • Codes and Standards: Laying the groundwork for high-performance buildings through the development, adoption, and enforcement of codes and Standards
  • Education and Marketing: Marketing high-performance building products and solutions to building owners and managers to educate them on how these solutions can increase the performance, safety, security, and sustainability of their buildings

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