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Building Management Systems

The Building Management Systems integrates building management applications related to energy efficiency and power reliability with devices that measure and report energy use.

Product Scope

Building Management Systems (BMS) are an integrated system of hardware, software and interfacing communications to automatically monitor and control building sub-systems (such as HVAC, lighting, power, fire, access control and security) in order to optimize building occupants' comfort, energy performance, safety and security. BMS includes:

  • Systems and components that connect a building's mechanical, electrical, power, communications, and lighting using devices such as sensors, monitors, actuators, controllers and communication technology.
  • Systems that provide control outputs to optimize the building occupants' comfort, energy performance, safety, and security.
  • Systems that include interface for configuration, initialization, system maintenance, fault detection, diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and continuous improvement.
  • Systems that include "dashboarding" to provide building performance information to facility operators.

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