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Utility Products Systems

NEMA Member companies do not manage the power grid … we manufacture it. The NEMA Utility Products and Systems Division represent products that transmit and distribute electricity from the power plant to the outlet receptacle in a house. From switchgear to surge arresters, from connectors to capacitors, if it is on the grid NEMA Members make it and sell it to electric utilities. Increasingly, NEMA Members are developing the software and systems that control and automate smart versions of these products (e.g., smart meters), a trend recognized as the Internet of Energy.

Three themes dominate our customers' decisions about how to operate the grid and, by extension, equipment manufacturer decisions about product innovation: reliability, resiliency, and efficiency. Indeed, every aspect of grid modernization aims to improve the flow of electricity in accordance with one or more of these goals.

Federal action is necessary to modernize the power grid and maintain its reliability in the face of growing and evolving risks, improve resilience, and facilitate even greater efficiency.

To learn more, download, Electrifying Our Future: Building America's 21st Century Infrastructure.


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