NEMA LED Dimming Compatibility Program

​Market Guidance one-page document for retailer/trade/brand owners/brand licensees use:

NEMA is helping consumers identify compatible LED light bulbs and dimmers. This logo and optional statement may begin to appear on the packages of LED lamps and dimmers to show consumers how to identify compatible products.


Look for this logo to find LED bulbs and dimmers that work together

What does the logo mean for consumers?

When the logo appears on the package, consumers know that the LED bulb or dimmer inside has been designed to be compatible with dimmers or bulbs that have the same logo on their package. Bulbs and dimmers can also be matched across Brands. A Brand A bulb, for example, can be used with a Brand B dimmer, as long as both have the logo on their packages. The logo identifies products that will dim down to 20% of the maximum light level. Many LED bulbs can dim lower. Check bulb packaging for more information.​

What happens if I buy one product with the logo and one without?

The LED lamp and dimmer may work together, and may perform well. However, there is also a possibility that the bulb may flicker, or both may hum. To avoid potential consumer dissatisfaction, it is better to use bulbs and dimmers that both have the logo on their packages.

How can the logo be used?

Brand owners/brand licensees who sign the LED dimming Memorandum of Understanding with NEMA may associate the logo with any bulb or dimmer that meets the required performance and compatibility criteria.

The logo will appear on the product packaging. It may also appear on the product itself.

The logo and the statement should appear together

  • On point-of purchase display, in-store signage, etc.
  • On product information pages
  • In retailer's product descriptions – online, in print, etc.
  • On Brand Owners'/Brand Licensees' websites

For a list of participating brand owners/brand licensees see Participating Brands

For Brand Owners/Brand Licensees:

For information about joining the NEMA LED Dimming Compatibility Program and for the required Memorandum of Understanding documentation, please contact Madeleine Bugel, NEMA LED Dimming Compatibility Program Manager at

Note that for the purposes of the LED Dimming Compatibility Program, Qualifying Products are dimmable LED lamps and dimmers meeting the following criteria:

LED Lamps that meet the following:

  1. the requirements in clauses 12.2, 12.3, and 12.5  for dimming and audible noise  set forth in EPA Energy Star Program Requirements Product Specification for Lamps (Light Bulbs) Eligibility Criteria Version 2.0;
  2. the requirements in NEMA SSL-7A-2015;
  3. the requirements in NEMA-77-2017;
  4. listed to UL1993 or CSA-C22.2 No. 1993-17.

Dimmers that meet the following:

  1. the requirements in NEMA SSL-7A-2015;
  2. the requirements in  NEMA-77-2017;
  3. listed to UL 1472 or CSA-C22.2 No. 184.1.

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