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NEMA Lighting Systems Division Standards

The below list includes Standards produced by the NEMA Lighting Systems Division and Standards that relate to lighting. For a list of the NEMA LSD series of white papers. For information on the NEMA Premium Electronic Ballast Program.

Lighting Standards

NEMA 410—Performance Testing for Lighting Controls and Switching Devices with Electronic Drivers and Discharge Ballasts
Provides guidance for the design and testing of lighting controls and switching devices to be used with electronic drivers, discharge ballasts and self-ballasted lamps to assist in establishing and verifying compatibility between products.

NEMA BL 2—Energy Efficiency for Electronic Ballasts for T8 Fluorescent Lamps
Includes energy efficiency requirements for declaration as NEMA Premium®–rated products and for evaluating electronic ballasts designed for use with 4-ft 32 W T8 fluorescent lamps with a lumen output greater than or equal to 3100 lumens.

NEMA BL 3—Dimming Ballast Energy Performance
Provides a methodology for applying existing test methods for program start ballasts to fluorescent dimming ballasts and provides a way to calculate BLE for fluorescent dimming ballasts.

NEMA EM 1—Exit Sign Visibility Testing Requirements for Safety and Energy Efficiency
Contains performance requirements and test methods for evaluating exit sign visibility. Also contains energy efficiency requirements and test methods for evaluating exit sign performance in order to declare a NEMA Premium® rating.

NEMA LC 1—Test Procedure for Compatibility of Hearing Aids and Ultrasonic Lighting Control Devices
Sets forth test procedures for use with a small acoustic chamber to evaluate potential interactions between hearing aids and ultrasonic lighting control devices (occupancy sensors).  Test procedures are designed to simulate and test occupancy sensors at three typical, specific frequencies (25 kHz, 32.7 kHz and 40 kHz) and one type of hearing aid. 

NEMA LE 4—Recessed Luminaires—Ceiling Compatibility
Contains definitions, dimensions and tolerances for recessed luminaires designed to use fluorescent high-intensity discharge and incandescent light sources.

NEMA LE 6—Procedure for Determining Target Efficacy Ratings (TER) for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Luminaires
Provides a procedure for the determination of TER for luminaires under laboratory test conditions and describes categories or types of product used in common indoor and outdoor lighting applications. This Standard does not apply to luminaires for specialized applications, including but not limited to products intended to be aimed, accent luminaires, rough or hazardous use luminaires or emergency lighting.

NEMA LL 7—Generic Designation System for Pin-Based Compact Fluorescent and T5 Twin Fluorescent Lamps (RESCINDED)
Includes a generic designation system for pin-based compact fluorescent lamps and T5 twin fluorescent lamps.

NEMA LL 8—Limits on Mercury Content in Self-Ballasted Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Covers limited integral, self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps of all base types. Applies to integral, self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps manufactured or imported after April 15, 2007.

NEMA LL 9—Dimming of T8 Fluorescent Lighting Systems
Provides recommendations for dimmable T8 fluorescent lighting systems for the full range of light output.

NEMA SSL 1—Electronic Drivers for LED Devices, Arrays or Systems
Provides specifications for and operating characteristics of non-integral electronic drivers (power supplies) for LED devices, arrays or systems intended for general lighting applications.

NEMA SSL 3—High-Power White LED Binning for General Illumination
Offers categorization areas (bins) for chromaticity (colors), forward voltage measurements (an electrical designation) and luminous flux (light output) for light-emitting diodes (LEDs) used for general lighting.

NEMA SSL 4—Retrofit Lamps: Minimum Performance Requirements
Applies to integral Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps, which is defined as a lamp with LEDs, LED driver, and base meeting appropriate American National Standards (ANSs). It is designed to connect to the branch circuit.

NEMA SSL 6—Solid State Lighting for Incandescent Replacement—Dimming
Provides guidance for those seeking to design and build or work with solid state lighting products intended for retrofit into systems that previously used incandescent screw base lamps. Addresses dimming of these products and the interaction between the dimmer (control) and the bulb (lamp).

NEMA WD 7—Occupancy Motion Sensors
Covers the definition and measurement of characteristics relevant to the use and application of occupancy motion sensors of passive infrared and ultrasonic types. These sensors are used in systems for control of lighting; heating, ventilating and air conditioning; and other devices.

NEMA SSL 7A—Phase Cut Dimming for Solid State Lighting: Basic Compatibility
Provides compatibility requirements when a forward phase cut dimmer is combined with one or more dimmable LED Light Engines (LLEs).

Related Standards

NEMA 250—Enclosures for Electrical Equipment (1000 V Maximum)
Consolidates the descriptions and applications, features and test criteria, and design tests of all NEMA-type enclosures (except for rotary-type apparatus) into a single document. Does not cover manufacturing Standards for specific products. For manufacturing Standards for a specific product, refer to the following Standards: BU 1 (Busways); FB 11 (Pin & Sleeve); PB 2 (Switchboards); KS 1 (Switches); TS 1 (Traffic Control Systems); DC 20 and TR 1 (Transformers); EW 1 and EW 3 (Arc Welding).

Select Rescinded and Replaced Lighting Standards

NEMA 270—Procedure for Fluorescent Lamp/Ballast/Fixture Performance Comparison
Contact IHS to obtain historical copies.

NEMA LE 1—Fluorescent Luminaires
Refer to NEMA LE 4.

NEMA LE 5—Procedure for Determining Luminaire Efficacy Ratings for Fluorescent Luminaires
Refer to NEMA LE 6.

NEMA LE 5A—Procedure for Determining Luminaire Efficacy Ratings for Commercial, Non-Residential Downlight Luminaires
Refer to NEMA LE 6.

NEMA LE 5B—Procedure for Determining Luminaire Efficacy Ratings for High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Industrial Luminaires
Refer to NEMA LE 6.

NEMA LL 1—Procedures for Linear Fluorescent Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
Refer to ANSI/NEMA C78.LL 1256.

NEMA LL 2—Procedures for Pin-Based Compact Fluorescent Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
Refer to ANSI/NEMA C78.LL 1256.

NEMA LL 3—Procedures for High-Intensity Discharge Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
Refer to ANSI/NEMA C78.LL 3.

NEMA LL 4—Procedures for Incandescent Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
Refer to ANSI/NEMA C78.LL 4.

NEMA LL 5—Procedure for U-Shaped Fluorescent Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
Refer to ANSI/NEMA C78.LL 1256.

NEMA LL 6—Procedures for Integral Electronic Compact Fluorescent Lamp Sample Preparation and the TCLP
Refer to ANSI/NEMA C78.LL 1256.


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