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ANSI Z535 Safety Alerting Standards

​​​NEMA is committed to safety in the workplace.

To that end, NEMA publishes the ANSI Z535 series of Standards for safety signs and colors. Composed of six documents, these Standards depict and explain the unique properties that can alert people to hazards in the workplace and at home. Each Standard within this series has distinctive properties. Collectively, they prevent accidents and injuries. To see a brief description of each Standard or to purchase these Standards, please click here.

The National Safety Council, NEMA, and the chairman of the ANSI Z535 Committee have now collaborated to provide a webinar on applying the ANSI Z535 Standards to workplace safety.

Members of the ANSI Z535 community, as well as others engaged in workplace safety, have published multiple articles, white papers, and other materials related to the ANSI Z535 Standards. As part of a new media package, NEMA has assembled an ANSI Z535 document library. Available for download at no charge, these collateral documents apply explicit examples of safety signs, colors, and symbols to specific situations.

In conjunction with its multiple safety partners and resources, NEMA is dedicated to promoting safety through Standards. Together, we are making the workplace a safer place.


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