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Fluorescent Set


Status: Active
Document ID: 100414

The fluorescent lamps and ballasts package classifies as either double-ended or single-ended lamps. Glow starters are also covered by this product. Set includes: ANSI C78.30, ANSI C78.5, ANSI C78.81, ANSI C78.180, ANSI C78.375, ANSI C78.376, ANSI C79.1, ANSI C81.61, ANSI C81.62, ANSI C81.63, ANSI C82.1, ANSI C82.11, ANSI C82.13, ANSI C82.2, ANSI C82.3, ANSI C82.77.​​


Published Date: Oct.1.2012
Document ID: 100414

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$2,158 [BUY]
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$2,158 [BUY]

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