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American National Standard for Electric Lamps—Slide Projector Lamps, Condensing, Dichroic, 1.65-in.(42 mm), Integral Reflector, Rim Reference Tungsten-Halogen Lamps with GX5.3 Bases


Status: Active
Document ID: 100507
ANSI C78.1430-1997 (R2009, R2016)   [BUY]

This Standard consolidates the lamps commonly used for slide projectors into a single Standard. The lamps contained in this Standard are not to be considered as interchangeable, although physically they will all fit the common GX5.3 sockets. The photometry of each lamp is dependent  upon the system for  which  it was designed and on the system in which it is used. A sample system and representative photometric values are found in the Annex.


Published Date: Mar.28.2016
Number of pages: 10
Document ID: 100507

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