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About NEMA Standards

​Visitors can search for or list all NEMA Standards by using any of the following:

Each NEMA Standards page provides information about the:

  • Table of contents and scope of the publication (whether tests, application, installation guidelines, etc., are included)
  • NEMA staff contact
  • Price
  • How and where to purchase
  • Related publications and information
  • Status (active or rescinded, or equivalent publications)

The purpose of NEMA Standards

A Standard of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association defines a product, process, or procedure with reference to one or more of the following:

  • Nomenclature
  • Composition
  • Construction
  • Dimensions
  • Tolerances
  • Safety
  • Operating characteristics
  • Perf​ormance
  • Ratings
  • Testing
  • The service for which it is designed

NEMA believes that Standards play a vital part in the design, production, and distribution of products destined for both national and international commerce. Sound technical Standards benefit the user, as well as the manufacturer, by improving safety, bringing about economies in product, eliminating misunderstandings between manufacturer and purchaser, and assisting the purchaser in selecting and obtaining the proper product for his or her particular need.

This section contains an overview of NEMA Standards publications, including:


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