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Wiring Device


Wiring devices are current-carrying electrical or electronic products that serve primarily as a connection or control point for electrical circuits within a range of 0–400 amperes, 0–600 volts (AC and DC), and AC-DC (660 watts, 1000 V AC fluorescent). The Wiring Device Section also includes certain non-current-carrying wiring devices and supplies.
  • Convenience plugs and power outlets (plugs and receptacles)
  • Attachment plug caps and flanged inlets
  • Connector bodies and flanged outlets
  • General-use switches and dimmers
  • Motion sensing switches
  • Timer switches
  • Multiple outlet assemblies, surface extensions, and power distribution poles
  • Switch, outlet, FM/TV, blank, and telephone plates
  • Undercarpet Premise Wiring Systems
  • Lampholders (incandescent, fluorescent, cold cathode, neon, quartz lamps, and others)

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End Markets
Commerical, industrial, and residential applications

Technical Activities

The Technical Committee develops and maintains a number of NEMA Standards related to wiring devices.  It  monitors and actively participates in national and international codes and standards that affect them. 

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