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Pin and Sleeve Plug, Receptacle, and Connector

Pin-and-sleeve wiring devices securely seal power connections by interlocking a ground pin with a keyway on the outside of a plug. Because of this configuration, they provide reliable connections; prevent accidental disconnect under load; ensure high-strength durability; and insulate power delivery from moisture, chemicals, and other harsh environments.

Pin-and-sleeve devices may be designated as plugs (male cord-end connectors), connectors (female cord-end connectors), inlets (male panel or back box–mounted plugs), receptacles (female panel or back box–mounted connectors), and mechanically interlocked receptacles (designed to prevent the insertion or removal of the plug from the receptacle while powered).

To prevent shorting between conductors, wiring terminations may have funneled channels to allow easy insertion and separation of wires.

Members develop NEMA Standards and monitor international Standards that aid in market development.


  • Develops and monitors local and national codes
  • Provides input to international Standards
  • Promotes Standards harmonization wherever possible


  • Compressors
  • Conveyors
  • Motor-generator sets
  • Portable lighting
  • Portable tools
  • Welding equipment

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