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NEMA Premium Motors

The member companies of the NEMA Motor and Generator Section established a NEMA Premium® energy efficiency motors program to provide highly energy efficient products that meet the needs and applications of users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) based on a consensus definition of "premium efficiency" and use of the NEMA Premium® logo for premium products.

NEMA Premium® labeled electric motors will assist purchasers to optimize motor systems efficiency, reduce electrical power consumption and costs, and improve system reliability. It is estimated that the NEMA Premium® efficiency motor program would save 5,800 gigawatts-hours of electricity. This translates to preventing nearly 80 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the next 10 years -- equivalent to keeping 16 million cars off the road.

To learn more about the program, the specifications, and how to participate, please see the following documents, or contact the NEMA Premium team.

Program Information

Participating Manufacturers & Compliant Motors Listing

NEMA Premium Licensee Agreement

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Announcements & Press Releases

  • NEMA Releases Specification on NEMA Premium Motors - 16 Jun 2003
    NEMA issued the publication General Specification for Consultants -- Industrial and Municipal: NEMA Premium Efficiency Electric Motors (600 Volts or Less) which is intended to outline the minimum requirements for three-phase AC induction motors applied to municipal and industrial/commercial applications for operation on voltages 600 volts or less, rated 500 horsepower or less, operating more than 2000 hours per year at greater than 75 percent full-load. This is the first specification developed to assist users and system designers in specifying the use of NEMA Premium electric motors.
  • Hydraulic Institute Endorses NEMA Premium - 30 Sep 2002
  • The Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) has issued product procurement recommendations for federal agencies to specify premium motors based on the NEMA Premium efficiency specifications. For more information, visit the FEMP website.


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