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Lighting Controls

Lighting control devices, techniques, and protocols regulate specific applications that include daylighting, dimmers, photocells, relays, sensors, signals, timers, and touchscreens. When networked into a system, these products can be controlled by software programs and can interface with building management protocols.

Devices and systems are used on indoor and outdoor lighting in commercial, industrial, and residential spaces to reduce energy consumption, enhance safety, and increase flexibility. They include light, manual override, and occupancy sensors, as well as lighting control systems and products.

Members promote reasonable and repeatable product test procedures and performance criteria that are required for regulatory bodies and certification labs.​


  • Develops industry documents and Standards
  • Participates in external activities that influence the widespread adoption of high-performing commercial lighting solutions​


  • Luminaire manufacturers
  • Lighting designers
  • Niche residential consumers
  • Retrofit and new building construction
  • Specifiers​


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