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Light Source

​The member companies in the Light Source Section are committed to providing high quality, energy efficient, and safe lighting products to the public and works to ensure that the interests of the lighting consumer and lighting industry are addressed in technical, government affairs, and market activities in NEMA. The domestic lamp industry represents about $3 billion in lamp shipments covering the commercial, industrial, institutional, residential, automotive, and specialty lighting markets.


The scope of the Light Source Section covers any device whose primary function is to produce visible or near visible radiant energy for general illumination and specialty applications.

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Technical Activities

Standards play a vital part in the design, production, and distribution of products destined for both national and international com­merce. Sound technical standards benefit the user, as well as the manufacturer, by improving safety, bringing about economies in product, eliminating misunderstandings between manufacturer and purchaser, and assisting the pur­chaser in selecting and obtaining the proper product for his particular need.

NEMA devotes much of its time, effort, and resources to voluntary standardization activities. NEMA standards are offered and recommended to become American National Standards under the procedures of the American National Standards Institute, usually under the canvass method. This decision rests with the particular subdivision or subdivisions concerned. NEMA standards are also often submitted for consideration as IEC Standards components or references. It is the intent of the association to continue its support of these, and many more, activities as the best method to continue providing sound and safe electrical products for the use of all.

Key technical activities include:

  • Development of North American lamp safety standards, working with UL and CSA
  • Power Quality/Harmonics/Flicker standards
  • American National Standards and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) lamp standards
  • Application guides addressing infrared interation, HID lamps, and luminaire best practices
  • Photobiological standards

Government Affairs

Through NEMA, the section develops industry positions on legislative and regulatory initiatives that may affect member products, markets, and customers. NEMA's work has resulted in contributions to public policy development and in promoting competitiveness, technological progress, and public safety. On the Government Affairs homepage members can search for and e-mail federal representatives to convey opinions regarding energy policy or other issues related to the electroindustry.

NEMA Government Affairs provides specific services to its members and information in the areas of Environment, Health & Safety; Energy; and International Trade & Commerce.

The section has established a one-stop internet site on lamp recycling and disposal issues: http://www.lamprecycle.org.

Key governmental activities include:

  • Addressing fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamp disposal issues and legislation in various states.
  • Promoting the proper management of spent lamps
  • Advising the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency on Compact Fluorescent Lamp Energy Star ®program and Energy Star Buildings Program.
  • Advocating market-based approaches to enhance the use and penetration of energy-efficiency technologies
  • Working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission on lamp and lighting consumer issues


Membership in NEMA is open to any firm actively engaged in the manufacture in North America of a product within the NEMA scope and for sale in the open market. Membership of foreign firms is subject to product section policies and NEMA Board of Governors approval.

NEMA operates on a fee-for-service basis. Each product section establishes its projects and activities and approves an annual operating budget. A fee is then established using an annual average of net domestic sales of products within the NEMA scope. The section has a tiered dues structure to assist small manufacturers.


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