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Insulating Materials

Insulators are used in equipment to support and separate electrical circuits to ensure products function safely and properly.

The products in this section include:

  • Flexible insulation and mica, which covers all flexible sheet and tape materials used for electrical insulation, and all forms of built-up electrical insulation made from mica splittings or mica paper in combination with suitable binders
  • Industrial laminate, which consists of electromechanical and electronics laminates that uses papers, fibers, or other materials as a reinforcement with thermosetting or thermoplastic resins as binder
  • Electrical insulating resins, which includes synthetic organic resins and resin combinations
  • Electrical tubing and sleeving, which includes flexible and semi-rigid electrical insulating tubular products

NEMA Members influence technical and performance requirements across the globe by developing, publishing, and maintaining technical Standards and writing position papers that are in the best interests of the industry.


  • Maintains ANSI/NEMA Standards on electrical insulation
  • Maintains UL 1446 Standard for Systems of Insulating Materials and IEC 60626 Combined Flexible Materials for Electrical Insulation
  • Maintains a liaison with ASTM International's Insulating Materials section
  • Supports the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), especially the IEC TC15 on insulating materials, the IEC TC112 on insulating systems, and other IEC Technical Committees
  • Harmonized UL 1441 and UL 224 under CANENA (Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations in the Americas) Technical Harmonization Committee (THC) 15C


  • Appliances
  • Information technology equipment
  • Low- and high-voltage generators
  • Motors and transformers
  • Military applications
  • Switchgear assemblies

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