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Insulating Materials

The Insulating Materials Section is comprised of the following product groups:

  1. Flexible Insulation and Mica Voting Classification
    All flexible sheet and tape materials used for electrical insulation, and all forms of built-up electrical insulation comprising mica splittings and/or mica paper in combination with suitable binders, and with or without re-enforcing materials and products made there from. Excluded are fish paper and those products falling within the scope of the Industrial Laminate Voting Classification.

  2. Industrial Laminate Voting Classification
    The basic product scope of this Section consists of laminated plastics in any form (but excluding fabricated parts) using papers, fibers (woven or other) or other materials as a reinforcement with thermosetting or thermoplastic resins as binder.

    1. Electromechanical Laminates Voting Classification
      Unclad laminates primarily used for electrical insulation (excluding unclad laminates used as base in additive circuitry processes).

    2. Electronics Laminates Voting Classification
      All metal-clad laminates and unclad materials used as a base in additive circuitry processes. Also, included are B-stage prepregs (semi-cured materials) for use as an adhesive and/or encapsulating layer of multi-layer circuitry.

  3. Electrical Insulating Resins Voting Classification

The product scope of the Section comprises the product scopes of its constituent Groups.

Excluded from both Groups: Resins and compounds used in products of the Insulating Materials and Wire and Cable Divisions as defined in the NEMA Product Scopes, and compounds containing more than 50% silicone in the resin portion, all molding and coating powders, and core-plate enamels.

  1. Synthetic Organic Resin Group
    Synthetic organic resins/polymers and hardeners used as thermoset or thermoplastic electrical or electronic insulation, except for sales to manufacturers of compounded products described in the Resin Combinations Group.

  2. Resin Combinations Group
    Products in the Synthetic Organic Resin Group in combination with solvents, additives, fillers, reinforcing materials, and curing agents.

  1. Electrical Tubing and Sleeving Voting Classification
    The product scope of the Section includes flexible and semi-rigid electrical insulating tubular products, but not limited to: Fabric-based plastic and rubber, including heat-shrinkable and spiral wound products.


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