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Electrical Submeter

Submeters are electrical devices and associated data acquisition and communication equipment that measure and track building energy performance. They are connected downstream from the utility meter and provide details of energy use for one or more electrical loads. Such equipment is rated at not more than 1,000 volts AC and 1,500 volts DC.

Section products include submeters used to measure energy use and production of non-utility operated electrical co-generation and storage equipment.

Submeters provide building managers and owners with the information they need to optimize energy efficiency or allocate electricity bills equitably to building occupants. Submeters can also identify wasteful consumption and malfunctioning equipment.



  • Creates, monitors, and advocates for code proposals (e.g., National Electrical Code®, International Energy Conservation Code, and International Green Construction Code) that have potential effects on the industry
  • Promotes uniform national regulation, including a self-certification program for submeter accuracy based on a NEMA Standard for metrological requirements of submeters that is in process of being published
  • Actively participates in the NIST program drafting model National Conference of Weights and Measures regulation for metrological requirements for submeters used for billing purpose
  • Work with UL to develop and consolidate safety certification requirements for electrical submeters in the United States, Canada, and eventually Mexico


NEMA supports federal, state, and local policies that

  • Promote adoption of submeters for energy management and tenant billing
  • Require large buildings to measure, monitor, record, and display energy consumption data
  • Properly regulate submeters


  • Commercial real estate
  • Condominium associations
  • Multi-tenant properties
  • Property management firms
  • Utilities employing peak demand management

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