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Cable Ties

​​​Mission Statement

The NEMA Cable Ties Section promotes high value, consistent quality and safe, dependable applications for cable ties and their associated fixing devices that meet the expectations of a wide variety of users.

Section Scope

Includes metallic, nonmetallic and composite cable ties and associated fixing devices within the scope of IEC 62275, trinationally harmonized standard UL 62275/CSA C22.2 No. 62275/NMX-J-623-ANCE and binationally harmonized standard UL 1565/CSA C22.2 No. 18.5.

About NEMA Cable Tie Manufacturers

NEMA member companies comprise the leading global cable tie brands and most experienced cable tie manufacturers in the world. Since the invention of the cable tie in the 1950’s, NEMA manufacturers have kept pace with the latest material and manufacturing technologies to provide a wide range of fastening solutions that address seemingly endless uses for the product. From simple everyday uses to those designed for critical applications, there is a cable tie that will meet your need.

Member manufacturers:    

  • ABB, Inc.
  • Advanced Cable Ties, Inc.
  • American Elite Molding
  • Avery Dennison - Fastener Division
  • ​HellermannTyton
  • Hubbell Incorporated
  • Panduit Corporation

Technical Activities

For over thirty years, NEMA cable tie manufacturers have led the development of high industry standards for their products.

  • Through CANENA, Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations in the Americas, NEMA members led the adoption of IEC 62275, Cable ties for electrical installations, as an American National Standard regionally harmonized with Canada and Mexico.
  • The Section has developed a means of providing important information about the trinational cable ties standard and the most common performance classifications for the products.
NEMA Cable Ties Technical Committee Goals
  • Continue working towards Harmonization between the IEC and UL 62275 standards to reduce the number of deviations in the UL 62275 standard with clear understanding of its impact to global manufacturers
  • Continue to maintain UL 1565
  • To inform and promote the safe use of cable ties thru the NEMA cable tie website and application guides
  • ​Become more informed about global cable tie issues and concerns by reviewing reports from NEMA cable tie field reps and our participation with SAE AE-8C2 committee
  • To review relevant new technologies that can impact the manufacturers

What you need to know about the North American Standard

The First Edition of trinationally harmonized UL 62275/CSA C22.2 No. 62275/NMX-J-623-ANCE, Cable ties for electrical installations, was published on February 26, 2010. With this standard in effect, requirements for cable ties in UL 1565/CSA C22.2 No.18.5 were retired June 1, 2014.

The easiest way to recognize products evaluated to the new standard will be the marking of specific “Type” classifications (Type 1, 11, 2, 2S, 21, or 21S) and additional required markings identifying more applicable performance classifications and ranges.

Go here to discover "What You Need to Know Now".

"Type" Classification Guides
Standards and Publications

NEMA Publications relevant to cable ties and fixing devices for electrical installations include the following:

UL Standards relevant to cable ties and fixing devices (Click on the standard designator to review the table of contents and scope)

UL 1565/CSA C.22 No.18.5, Positioning Devices (a bi-national standard for use in Canada and the U.S.)

UL 62275/CSA C22.2 No. 62275/NMX-J-623-ANCE, Cable ties for electrical installations (Disponible en español, ANCE-www.ance.org.mx)    

UL Guide Information relevant to the standards

  • Go her​e for Cable Ties and Fixing Devices - Types 2, 2S, 21, 21S (UL Listed)
  • Go here for Cable Ties and Fixing Devices - Types 1, 11 (UL Recognized)

Government Relations

Through NEMA, the section develops industry positions on legislative and regulatory initiatives that may affect member products, markets, and customers. NEMA's work has resulted in contributions to public policy development and in promoting competitiveness, technological progress, and public safety. On the Government Affairs homepage members can search for and e-mail federal representatives to convey opinions regarding energy policy or other issues related to the electroindustry.

NEMA Government Affairs provides specific services to its members and information in the areas of Environment, Health & Safety; Energy; and International Trade & Commerce.

Market Economics

NEMA Business Information Services (NEMA/BIS) provides market data to the public as well as to members.

For the public:

Statistics on domestic product shipments are available. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau has been re-packaged to reflect the products within NEMA divisions.

For members:

Through NEMA, member companies are able to develop and implement tailored, industry-specific market and statistical programs that benefit participating companies. Reports may include:

  • Product orders and sales
  • Market forecasting
  • Shipments by trading areas
  • Channels of distribution
  • Financial and operating ratios
  • Wages and benefits
  • Foreign trade

The association also conducts economic analyses on the impact of legislation and regulations on member products, and monitors and reports on key industry market indicators. All programs comply with NEMA statistical confidentiality policies. For more information, please see Business & Economy.


NEMA membership is available to any enterprise actively engaged in manufacture in the United States, Canada and Mexico of any electrical product that is (1) developed and designed for sale and use in the United States, (2) commercially available and sold in the United States, and (3) within the NEMA Product Scopes. Membership of foreign firms is subject to product section policies and NEMA Board of Governors approval.

NEMA operates on a fee-for-service basis. Each product section establishes its projects and activities and approves an annual operating budget. A fee is then established using an annual average of net domestic sales of products within the NEMA scope. Visit our Joining NEMA section for more information on membership.​​


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