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Environmental Stewardship

The manufacture, use and management of electrical products and systems at end-of-life can adversely affect human health and the environment.  Many NEMA companies have been leaders in environmentally conscious design (ECD) of their products and have taken the initiative to reduce the use of hazardous materials where consistent with the product’s function and electrical performance. NEMA Members also educate their customers and supply chain partners on proper management of spent products and support recycling programs where appropriate.  ​ 

Because the electrical industry is so diverse, no single approach to ECD or management of products at end of the use phase is applicable in all cases.  In general, however, NEMA and its Member Companies are committed to minimizing the health and environmental impacts of electrical products to the extent possible without compromising product safety and performance.  They pursue this goal through improvements in energy efficiency, material selection and product design; longer product lifetimes; packaging innovations; reduced reliance on hazardous substances; and promoting proper end-of-life management.

In addition, NEMA Members strive to maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the environment and stand ready to cooperate with - and lend their expertise to - government authorities at every level in the formulation of environmental policy and regulation. 

Contact Mark Kohorst of NEMA Government Relations for information on the positions and activities of specific NEMA product sections.


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