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Disposal Ban

  • Mercury-containing lamps


  • Lamps but if consistent with another state then acceptable in Washington

Product Ban

  • Thermometers except with button cells, novelties except with button cells or fluorescent lamps and thermostats except if a manufacturer participates in a collection program

Manufacturer Collection/Recycle

  • Every producer of mercury-containing lights sold in or into Washington state for retail sale must participate in a product stewardship program for those products.  The program is to be operated by a product stewardship organization and is to be funded by proceeds from an "environmental handling charge" applied at point of retail sale of new mercury-containing lights. 
  • Manufacturers must either add this charge to the invoices for lamps supplied for retail sale to the WA State market and then forward the proceeds to the stewardship organization, or obtain a voluntary binding agreement with their retail customers that the retailers will collect the charge from customers at each sale and forward to the stewardship organization.
  • The program terminates 1 July 2025


  • None



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