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Rhode Island

Disposal Ban

  • All products except button batteries and lamps from households


  • All products except
    mercury-added button cell batteries and products whose only mercury component is a mercury button cell battery or mercury-added lamp.  Manufacturers may comply with the labeling requirement by labeling all units of a product sold in Rhode Island in compliance with corresponding labeling requirements adopted by another state.  
  • Lamp Wholesalers must provide information on spent lamp management

Product Ban

  • All products with greater than:
    • 1 gram of Hg as of January 1, 2006
    • 100 mg as of July 1, 2007
    • 10 mg as of July 1, 2009

NOTE: Exempts button cell batteries until June 30, 2011 ( silver oxide button cells can be sold until January 1, 2012.) Also exempts fluorescent lamps and specialized lamps for entertainment lighting such as HID lamps, although fluorescents must reach 100 mg Hg content threshold by Jan 1, 2010 or manufacturer must apply for exemption. Ban also contains a five year exemption provision for covered products

  • All thermometers and novelties banned except those with button battery

Manufacturer Collection/Recycle

  • All products except batteries, lamps, and products containing batteries and lamps (Has delayed implementation of the law)
  • Mercury Thermostats - Each thermostat manufacturer that has offered mercury thermostats for sale in Rhode Island must, individually or collectively, fund and operate a thermostat collection program.  The program must be approved by the RI Dept. of Environmental Management and must make collection containers available to all qualified contractors, thermostat wholesalers, thermostat retailers, and local government collection sites that request a container.  Collection goals are specified in the statute for the first four years of the program, and goals for subsequent years will be set by the Department through consultation with stakeholders.  The Department may require program modifications if collection goals are not met, which may include payment of a financial incentive to contractors.


  • All products



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