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NEMA Staff Directory

​​​National Electrical Manufacturers Association
1300 North 17th Street
Suite 900
Rosslyn, Virginia 22209
Phone: (703) 841-3200
Fax: (703) 841-5900

Office of the President

  • Kevin J. Cosgriff, President and CEO
  • Karen Sterba-Miller, Executive Assistant

Office Services and Facilities

  • Mark Haga, Manager
  • Emily Lacey, Concierge

International Trade

Legal Counsel

  • Clark Silcox, General Counsel  

Finance and Administration Department ​

Human Resources

  • A’laina Grays, Director of Human Resources


  • Donald R. Leavens, PhD., Vice President and Chief Economist
  • Steve Wilcox, Director, Market Research
  • Laurie Miller, Director, Statistical Operations
  • Fred Ashton, Economic Analyst
  • Ken Ayres, Manager, NEMA/BIS
  • Harry Kalsted, Manager, Market Data Programs

​Government Relations Department

  • Philip Squair, Vice President
  • Letitia Thompson, Administrative Assistant

Government Managers

  • Alex Boesenberg
  • Madeleine Bugel
  • Mark Kohorst
  • Craig Updyke

Operations Department

  • Patrick Hughes, Vice President, Operations and Strategy
  • Shlyneice Davis, Manager, Operations Administration
  • Arlethia Johnson, Senior Administrative Assistant

Industry Directors

  • Daniel Abbate, Industry Director
  • Suzanne Alfano, Industry Director
  • Kirk Anderson, Industry Director
  • Steve Griffith, Industry Director
  • Jonathan Stewart, Industry Director
  • Karen Willis, Industry Director

Program Managers

  • Muhammad Ali
  • Michael Erbesfeld
  • Jean Johnson
  • Mike Leibowitz
  • Brian Marchionini
  • Khaled Masri
  • Andrei Moldoveanu
  • Paul Orr
  • David Richmond
  • Zijun Tong
  • Gerard Winstanley

Technical Policies

  • Megan Hayes, Technical Director
  • Joel Solis, Manager, Conformity Assessment
  • Marilyn Williams, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Paul Crampton, Manager – Standards Processing

Field Representatives

  • Mike Stone, West Coast Region
  • Bryan Holland, Southern Region
  • Tim McClintock, Midwest Region
  • Jack Lyons, Northeast Region

Communication & Brand Management

Contact Us

  • Tracy Cullen, Assistant Vice President, Communication & Brand Management
  • William Green, Senior Manager, Digital Media
  • Ann Brandstadter, Manager, Standards Publishing and Marketing
  • Mariela Echeverria, Manager, Communication Services
  • Jena Passut, Managing Editor, Digital Content
  • Tilman Gerald, National Sales Manager, The Townsend Group

Member Services

  • Vi Lilly, Membership Director
  • Christine Shattuck, Manager, Member Relations

Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA)

Contact Us

  • Patrick Hope, Executive Director, MITA
  • Susan Bunning, Industry Director, Positron Emission Tomography
  • Andy Dhokai, Senior Director, Government Relations
  • Holly Grosholz, Manager, Government Relations
  • Zack Hornberger, Director, Cybersecurity & Imaging Informatics
  • Carolyn Hull, Manager, Global Regulatory Standards
  • Luiza.Kowalczyk, Senior Manager, DICOM Operations
  • Kristina Sokolis, Manager, Business Administration
  • Lisa Spellman, DICOM General Secretary
  • Peter Weems, Senior Director, Policy & Strategic Operations

Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)

  • Brett Brenner, President
  • Brianne Deerwester, Communications Coordinator – Traditional and Social Media
  • Daniel Majano, Program and Digital Marketing Manager​


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