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September 30, 2021 | Volume No. 10 Subscribe
Beyond Efficiency: Five Attributes to Consider for Energy Savings and Reliability
As we think about the next generation of manufacturing, the 2021 NEMA “Beyond Efficiency” initiative challenges Members to develop innovative products for increased energy savings and reliability.

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Supply Chain Concerns Restrain Confidence Measures
The current conditions component returned to presumed growth this month after hitting a plateau in August. The nearly 8-point expansion to 57.7 in September was driven largely by a decline in the share of respondents that reported worse conditions compared to the previous month.

Argonne and NEMA Cooperate to Develop Battery Recycling Standards
Argonne and NEMA to Develop Battery Recycling Standards
The U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with NEMA. Under the MOU, the two organizations will cooperate on developing recycling standards for lithium-ion batteries based on their design.

Don’t Let Volatile Commodity Pricing Erode Contractor Confidence at Bid Time
Chances are your contractor customers are experiencing frequent and unpredictable price changes in their bid items. Now more than ever, if you’re not getting them real-time item pricing, they could be losing critical profits. You can help.

NEMA Resources Available Before, During, and After a Storm
NEMA Resources Are Available Before, During, and After a Storm
As damaging storms and other weather events continue to impact the U.S., utilities and communities are looking for solutions to build a more robust electrical infrastructure that can withstand or reduce the impact of natural disasters like Hurricane Ida.

MITA Calls for Strengthened Enforcement of Medical Device Remanufacturing
MITA Calls for Strengthened Enforcement of Medical Device Remanufacturing
MITA urged the FDA to take the necessary steps to properly enforce the regulatory requirements associated with remanufacturing activities, including implementation of a quality management system, Federal registration, and reporting of adverse events.

Power-Up Generator Performance with Protective Coating
Generator coatings play a key role in protecting the exterior surface and the equipment inside from extreme conditions to keep the power running. PPG’s portfolio of single-source coatings delivers the ultimate sharp edge coverage and corrosion protectiont.

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