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July 1, 2021 | Volume No. 7 Subscribe
How to Enhance Cybersecurity and Safety in the Built Environment

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Your chain of trust is only as strong as its weakest link?” In an age when zero trust is the trendy solution to mitigate evolving cybersecurity threats, what is the impact on the new generation of devices we are plugging into the Internet of Things?

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Westinghouse Lighting Marks 75 Illuminating Years
Westinghouse Lighting Marks 75 Illuminating Years

Westinghouse Lighting is celebrating 75 years in the lighting manufacturing industry. Founded initially as Angelo Brothers, the company has been family-owned since its creation in 1946.

EBCI May 2021
Current and Future Conditions Hold Steady at Broadly Expansionary Level
A slight improvement in confidence boosted the current conditions index from a reading of 65.4 last month to 70 points in June. 

As the PVC shortage continues, Champion Fiberglass® has short lead times and competitive pricing to keep projects on track.

Stored Energy Performance Data Offers Benefits
Stored Energy Performance Data Offers Benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated a trend in the commercial buildings market that existed before but was not front and center. With office space under major reconfiguration pressure, building managers and owners will implement new technologies, including electrical energy submetering, to improve profitability and increase flexibility. Other types of commercial buildings have similar needs.

IDEA Digitizes Manufacturer?s Representative Service Model
IDEA Digitizes Manufacturer's Representative Service Model

Manufacturers have long been using technology to automate their administrative functions with distributors. Yet, in many ways, manufacturer’s representatives and agents have been missing out on the digital transformation party.

Chances are your contractor customers are experiencing frequent and unpredictable price changes in their bid items. Now more than ever, if you’re not getting them real-time item pricing, they could be losing critical profits. You can help.

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