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Revised Standard on Solid-State Lighting Extends Chromaticity Range

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ROSSLYN, Va.—In a revision of ANSI C78.377-2017 American National Standard for Electric Lamps—Specifications for the Chromaticity of Solid-State Lighting Products, the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C78, Electric Lamps, establishes a range of chromaticity for general lighting with solid-state lighting (SSL) products to ensure that product chromaticity can be communicated to consumers.

Published by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), which also serves as secretariat for the standard, ANSI C78.377 applies to LED lamps, LED light engines, and LED luminaires for general indoor lighting applications.

This revision extends the range of color points for general lighting with energy efficient SSL lighting products. It specifies chromaticity regions below the blackbody (Planckian) locus that are suitable for some lighting applications. Annex E Extended Specifications includes recent studies supporting the premise that light sources with chromaticity in the extended correlated color temperature categories are adequate for many applications.

"I recommend ANSI C78.377-2017 for LED light source developers, manufacturers, and lighting specifiers as a valuable resource for supplying customers with energy efficient lighting products that also have pleasing color," said Mark E. Duffy, manager of global industry standards for Current, powered by GE.

NEMA's Lighting Systems Division, as the secretariat of ANSI's ASC C78 for Electric Lamps, is looking for industry experts in the User and General Interest categories to participate in standards development activities. Contact NEMA at nemalighting@nema.org if you are interested. Please indicate your interest category and your area of expertise.

ANSI C78.377-2017 can be purchased for $102 in hard copy or as an electronic download on the NEMA website.


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