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NEMA Publishes NEMA RV 1-2014 Application and Installation Guidelines for Armored Cable and Metal-Clad Cable

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​The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA RV 1-2014 Application and Installation Guidelines for Armored Cable and Metal-Clad Cable. This standard provides installers and code enforcement personnel important comprehensive guidance on the proper application and installation of armored (AC) and metal-clad (MC) cables and systems.

RV 1-2014 was developed by the NEMA 7WC-1 Building Wire and Cable Technical Committee, and would be useful to electrical contractors and code enforcement officials. This standard provides guidelines explaining critical installation issues such as bend radius, markings, securing, supporting and terminating, and maintaining the integrity of the grounding system. These guidelines provide installers and inspectors with an industry perspective of best practices in selecting and installing AC cable and MC cable of which NEMA members manufacture. Focus is placed on important fundamentals and recent changes to codes, product standards, and installation practices.

"The members of the Building Wire and Cable Committee have done a tremendous job assembling and developing information into a guide for those who want assurance that the proper armored cable product is specified for an application and that the cables are properly installed to ensure a safe and trouble free electrical installation," said George Straniero, AFC Cable Systems Manager–Codes & Standards, and 7WC-1 Committee member. "Groups that will find this document useful include designers, specifiers, contractors, electricians, and apprentice programs."

RV 1-2014 may be downloaded at no cost or purchased in hard copy for $87 on the NEMA website.


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