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NEMA Presents New Security Standard for Transportation Systems

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ROSSLYN, Va., June 5, 2018National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Industry Director Steve Griffith was joined by Applied Information, Inc. President Bryan Mulligan, Peek Traffic Chief Technology Officer Ray Deer, Parsons Director of Operational Technology Cybersecurity Ken Keiser, and Siemens Principal Systems Engineer Dave Miller at the 2018 Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA) Annual Meeting in Detroit, MI, to review industry best practices for managing cybersecurity risks associated with connected transportation systems.  NEMA speakers highlighted the contents of a new technical Standard, NEMA TS 8-2018 Cyber and Physical Security for Intelligent Transportation Systems, which encourages implementation of cyber and physical security in transportation systems—legacy, new, and those with revisions planned for the future.

"In the age of a connected world and the Internet of Things, cybersecurity in the transportation sector is becoming more challenging," said Deer. "The security of our vital infrastructure will take a concerted effort and partnership between the public and private sectors sharing ideas and best practices."  

"Transportation systems are among the critical infrastructure sectors identified in the Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-21," said Griffith.  "Owners and operators of transportation systems critical infrastructure – at the state, county, and city levels – have a responsibility to implement security for these systems while still maintaining their reliability."

"Federal, state, and local governments and the public are all rightly worried about the security of the surface transportation network, as it becomes increasingly connected," added Mulligan who chairs the NEMA Transportation Management Systems  and Associated Control Devices Section  under whose auspices helped develop TS8.  "Through private sector leadership, NEMA members have provided a practical and effective way of achieving this security. In addition, we have provided a platform for further security measures in the future as threats continue to evolve." ​

"NEMA TS 8-2018 security requirements strike a reasonable balance between the current threat environment and the real-world imperative that transportation systems continue to perform critical infrastructure functions," added Griffith.


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