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Free Guide Available to Evaluate Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment

10/30/2012 9:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

This year, the country has experienced historic flooding, raising havoc on homes and farmlands along the Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi rivers, and most recently the Souris River in South Dakota.

As waters recede, individuals and business owners are assessing the damage and beginning the process of rebuilding. When contractors are called to help with the reconstruction, it is important they understand what electrical products can or cannot be used after being submerged in contaminated flood waters.

Evaluating Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment is available for download at no charge at no charge at www.nema.org/stds/water-damaged.cfm. It provides advice on the safe handling of electrical equipment that has been exposed to water and outlines items that require complete replacement or that can be reconditioned by a trained professional.

Equipment covered in the document includes electrical distribution equipment, motor circuits, power equipment, transformers, wire, cable and flexible cords, wiring devices, GFCIs and surge protectors, lighting fixtures and ballasts, motors, and electronic products.

NEMA field representatives actively promote this document directly to contractors and building officials on-site during the clean-up, at official meetings, and electrical educational conferences to ensure that electrical safety remains top priority during the reconstruction of flooded communities.


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