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Electroindustry Demos New Technologies To Help Lawmakers Modernize the Grid

07/26/2017 9:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Grid Expo Participants on Capitol Hill Urged Congress to Deploy New Innovations

ROSSLYN, Va.--The Edison Electric Institute (EEI), GridWise Alliance, and National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) hosted the first Grid Innovation Expo on Capitol Hill July 25 in conjunction with the U.S. House Grid Innovation Caucus, co-chaired by Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH) and Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-CA).

“We want a future where energy is delivered in a more reliable, efficient, and secure way to households and businesses across the country,” said Congressman Bob Latta. “In order to make this a reality, it’s critical that we embrace cutting-edge technology and new innovation in order to update our aging electric grid. At the Grid Innovation Expo, we were able to see up close the latest innovation that has the potential to revolutionize how energy is transmitted. This pursuit is a bipartisan one, and I was glad to see Members on both sides of the aisle engage with industry representatives that are developing ways to bring grid infrastructure into the 21st century.”

“As our nation’s energy infrastructure continues to age, it’s imperative that we commit to a serious discussion about how to improve grid resiliency and stability and bring our system into the 21st century,” said Congressman Jerry McNerney. “I was proud to participate in the Grid Innovation Expo. Thank you to GridWise Alliance, NEMA and EEI for showcasing the latest technologies and innovative solutions that they are utilizing to meet the demands of our ever changing energy landscape. A modern and innovative energy grid will benefit consumers, the economy, and enhance reliability and resiliency. As members of Congress, it is our obligation to continue to keep this dialogue open so that we can enable and foster advancements that will protect Americans from the challenges that lie ahead while maintaining accessibility and affordability.”

“The basic technologies used to deliver electricity to customers were largely unchanged throughout the 20th century, but recent advancements by electrical manufacturers have the potential to significantly improve the efficiency, reliability, and security of electricity delivery,” said NEMA President and CEO Kevin Cosgriff. “Policymakers and grid regulators should embrace these modern, innovative grid technologies to upgrade and better protect our critical infrastructure.”

“The electric power industry is leading a profound transformation, and electric companies’ continued focus on innovation is essential to developing smarter energy infrastructure that benefits our customers,” said EEI President Tom Kuhn. “The bipartisan Grid Innovation Caucus, co-chaired by Congressman Bob Latta and Congressman Jerry McNerney, continues to advance an important dialogue that supports innovative smart grid technology, as well as policies that recognize the value of the energy grid.”

“The GridWise Alliance is pleased to co-sponsor this first Grid Innovation Expo with EEI and NEMA, in conjunction with the Grid Innovation Caucus,” said Steve Hauser, CEO of the GridWise Alliance. “We are excited to provide members of Congress and staff the opportunity to see first-hand some of the innovative grid modernization technologies that utilities are using that demonstrate the broad array that ‘grid modernization,’ or ‘smart grid,’ encompasses. These innovative technologies and partnerships save money for businesses and consumers by reducing or avoiding power outages, empower consumers to better manage their electricity usage, and ensure the reliable and secure integration of resources, such as storage, microgrids, and electric vehicles. We appreciate the opportunity to continue to cooperate with the Grid Innovation Caucus to help raise awareness regarding these critical technological and policy issues.”

Companies at the Expo showcased a wide range of modern energy technologies, including energy storage, distributed energy management, advanced metering, and storm hardening. The Expo included exhibits from: ABB, American Electric Power, CenterPoint Energy, Florida Power & Light Co., G&W Electric, General Electric, Innovari, Itron, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, S&C Electric Company, Siemens, Southern California Edison, Tesla, Vermont Electric Power Company, Xcel Energy, and others.


Press contacts:

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Kristin Rudman, EEI at krudman@eei.org
Bryan Nicholson, GridWise Alliance at bnicholson@gridwise.org
Drew Griffin, Rep. Latta at drew.griffin@mail.house.gov.
Nikki Cannon, Rep. McNerney at nikki.cannon@mail.house.gov


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