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Agfa HealthCare launches new IMPAX REM1, for Radiation Exposure Monitoring

11/26/2012 10:00AMSign-up to receive press releases.

Solution supports individual patient's radiation exposure tracking and collects radiation exposure information to help measure the use of radiation dose in medical imaging overall

  • Tracks patient's radiation exposure information across multiple modalities, departments and institutions.
  • Provides research-quality data on dose levels.
  • Helps support compliance with regulations and highlights conformance to guidelines (when available).

Agfa HealthCare announces that it will demonstrate its new IMPAX Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM)* solution at the upcoming 2012 RSNA meeting, in Chicago, USA. IMPAX REM provides an automated way to collect, organize and analyze a patient's radiation exposure data. Radiation exposure is of interest to all players in a patient's treatment, from the patient himself, to the referring physician, to the radiology department, to regulatory bodies and to researchers. Information on radiation exposure levels can support the referring physician in making a better-informed decision, while allowing the radiology department to use best practices and to be conform to regulations, for example.

Tracking patient's data across time and sites

IMPAX REM provides access to the available patient's history of radiation exposure from medical imaging studies, as well as access to the patient's radiation exposure estimates from all points of care. PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and modality vendor-neutral, it allows healthcare providers to track dose information across multiple modalities, departments and institutions.

IMPAX REM can play an important part in the joint effort to decrease or avoid unnecessary ionizing radiation. Using the constant measurements to improve imaging practices and increase awareness, healthcare facilities can ensure their quality of care.

Complying with regulations and building better understanding

Medical imaging departments can use IMPAX REM to help them respond to the changing regulatory environment and conform to dose level guidelines (when available). Plus, by providing research quality data, IMPAX REM can support researchers in their effort to further study the impact of radiation exposure levels.

To maximize the potential of the data, IMPAX REM is an IHE based solution, enabling collaboration with other systems and dose repositories. "As a leader in imaging, Agfa HealthCare is very involved in the issue of dose levels; with IMPAX REM we are offering a solution that helps to build more awareness about radiation exposure and dose levels" explains Al Dyer, Global Business Manager IIBU, Agfa HealthCare. "IMPAX REM provides a PACS and modality vendor-neutral solution to help healthcare providers and imaging facilities provide the best care for their patients."

Source: Agfa HealthCare


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