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November 27, 2019 | Volume No. 11 Subscribe
GFCI Receptacles: Small Installation, Big Protection
It is important for all homeowners to understand that this type of electrical plug, or receptacle, is essential.

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NEMA Keeps Active on Capitol Hill
It was a consequential summer for NEMA and the electroindustry on Capitol Hill. NEMA has advanced legislative proposals on surface transportation, industrial efficiency, appropriations, carbon monoxide detection, and cyber modernization of the grid.

Current Conditions Measure Improves as Future Reading Slips in November
After two months of straddling the line between signaling growth or slowdown, the EBCI current conditions component moved firmly into growth territory with a nearly 9 point increase from last month’s score to 58.8.

From the Chair | Raj Batra
Unless a washing machine is zapped or an overhead light fizzles out, most people don’t notice the electrical infrastructure at home or work that powers and enables their modern lives.

New Standard Covers Electric Vehicle Charging Through Networks
EV Charging Network Interoperability Standard—A Contactless RFID Credential for Authentication (UR Interface) addresses the credentials part of a complex standardization system allowing electrical vehicle (EV) drivers to recharge their vehicle batteries across different EV charging networks.

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