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August 29, 2019 | Volume No 8 Subscribe
An IoT Twist on an Established Protocol
Even though it’s not published yet, it’s possible you’ve heard something about BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC), which has sparked a significant amount of buzz in the building systems industry.

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Current and Future Conditions Components Contract in August
The nearly 12 point decline in the current conditions component, which now stands at 41.2 for August, was largely driven by a drop in the share of respondents that reported better conditions, coupled with an increase of similar magnitude in the proportion that noted unchanged conditions.

NEMA, ISA Announce New Building Systems Cybersecurity Program
During a recent Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group meeting, representatives from the Department of Defense, International Society of Automation, and National Electrical Manufacturers Association outlined a new program to address the growing risk of unprotected and underprotected building control systems in the U.S. and abroad.

Endnotes from the President | Kevin J. Cosgriff
Chances are you are reading this indoors. We spend almost our entire lives in buildings. Whether at home at work, learning in school, or recuperating at a hospital, buildings are integral to our lives.

Regional Energy Initiatives Multiply
For the Western Hemisphere, the Administration launched the America Crece energy initiative in 2018 (“crece” is Spanish for “it grows”). Led by the Treasury Department but involving six additional agencies, the initiative promotes economic prosperity through energy growth, integration, and security.

Revised Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Now Available
American National Standard for Solid-State Light Sources Used in Roadway and Area Lighting defines the interchangeability of and some requirements for solid-state lighting (SSL) source fixtures, also referred to as luminaires or LED (light-emitting diode) fixtures.

Visit the IDEA web site to find out about all the new features that will be incorporated into the platform.

Upcoming Events
Join us on September 17 at 1:00 pm EST during the next IotNOW webinar on opportunities and challenges when implementing DC microgrids in buildings.

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Securing Our Connected Future
Last Chance for Early Bird Price for NEMA Annual Meeting
The early bird rate for the NEMA Annual Meeting ends on August 31. This is your last chance to save $100 off your registration, secure your seat today.

Securing Our Connected Future
Spotlight | Carolyn Hull
Carolyn Hull, Manager, MITA’s Global Regulatory Standards, has been selected as one of three winners of the USNC's 2019 IEC Young Professionals program. She will be a representative of the United States at the IEC 2019 General Meeting in October, in Shanghai, China.

Spotlight | Carolyn Hull
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