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July 2, 2019 | Volume No. 6 Subscribe
Case Study | A Lifesaving Application for Drones
One day soon, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS, commonly called drones) may be able to deliver pizzas and packages to our doorsteps. But some in the UAS industry are using UAS to deliver even more essential cargo—lifesaving medical devices.

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Infrastructure & Resilience
NEMA recently issued a White Paper titled, "Electrifying Our Future: Building America’s 21st Century Infrastructure," which lays out the industry's infrastructure recommendations.

Current Conditions Component Pulls Back in June
The nearly 16 point drop from the prior month reflected a complex mix of responses ranging from concern over the negative effects of ongoing tariff-related actions, to the salutary impact of those same trade moves, to continued or even increased strength in the market.

ENDNOTES FROM THE PRESIDENT | NEMA Helps Drive Transportation Innovation
Advancements in electric vehicles are taking off. Manufacturers are producing vehicles in larger numbers, and the cost of their batteries is quickly going down. Meanwhile, population growth, traffic congestion, and the need for infrastructure fixes will motivate the manufacturing of smarter infrastructure systems and devices.

Case Study | Port of Long Beach at Epicenter of Seaport Electrification
The Port of Long Beach is the second-busiest container port in the United States and often at the epicenter of electrification discussions in the U.S.

The AMLO Approach to Infrastructure
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known as AMLO, is moving ahead with a $6.5 billion, 900-mile railroad project in the Yucatan peninsula to link towns, cities, and tourist attractions.

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Connected Transportation Sparks EV Adoption
On today's roads, good things are moving fast and multi-directionally. A spark anywhere triggers others in expected and unexpected places. Tesla ignited the current electric vehicle (EV) spark in 2008 with its Roadster, which in turn enabled subsequent models.

Standard for Traffic Messaging Now Available
Hardware Standards for Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) with NTCIP Requirements provides the user with safe, dependable, functional, and easily maintained dynamic message sign (DMS) equipment.

NEMA President Kevin Cosgriff gave the keynote address recently at the TIC General Assembly, “Climate Impact – Preparing for Change.” The summit was held in Brussels, Belgium, in June. The TIC (testing, inspection, and certification) Council brings together a total of about 90 member companies and organizations active in more than 160 countries, spanning every continent. The TIC industry represents around one million employees across the world with annual sales of approximately $200 billion.
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