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March 29, 2019 | Volume No. 3 Subscribe
What’s Next for LED Lighting?
Today we are undergoing another major lighting revolution, similar in scale, thanks to LED technology. LED lighting not only saves energy but also expands the frontiers of lighting in new directions to create whole new value propositions.

The notion of quality can be elusive. In the manufacturing world, quality typically connotes a degree of excellence or a measurable standard by which we compare like items.

Current Conditions Continued to Improve in March, According to Electroindustry Panel
Despite a slight drop, from 55.9 last month to 53.3 in March, the current conditions component remained in expansionary territory.

Lighting Control for Lighting Quality
According to a study by the DesignLights Consortium, networked lighting controls can reduce energy consumption by an average of 47 percent.

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EMC Standards Advance Under USNC TAG
Work continues to move forward in international electromagnetic compatibility lighting Standards after numerous updates were added last year.

Standard Allows for the Interchange of Enclosed Pendant-Mounted Luminaires
American National Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment—Enclosed Pendant Mounted Luminaires covers dimensional, maintenance, and light distribution features that permit the interchange of enclosed pendant-mounted luminaires whose center mass is directly below the mounting bracket.

Washington Watch: Outlook for 116th Congress
How is a two-party federal legislature affecting NEMA Members? New Vice President of Government Relations Phil Squair discusses areas of concern to NEMA including climate change and infrastructure.

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