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February 28, 2019 | Volume No. 2 Subscribe
Back to the Future: The Latest Fuel Cell Revolution
The technology gained popularity in the late 1990s as Ballard Power stocks went up and down with the dot-com boom and bust.

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John Malinowski Named 2019 IEEE Fellow
John Malinowski, senior manager of industry affairs retired from Baldor Electric Co., of Fort Smith, Arkansas, has been named an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Fellow.

Electroindustry Panel Sees Improved Conditions
In edging up to 55.9 in February from 53.3 last month, the EBCI current conditions component moved further into expansionary territory and solidified a shift away from a handful of sub-50 readings late in 2018.

Endnotes from the President | Kevin J. Cosgriff
We still rely on large power plants, but rooftop solar panels, wind farms, and other sources are emerging in the market. Members of the NEMA Utility Products & Systems Division expect that this model of more distributed generation closer to where power is consumed—along the edge of the network, rather than central power plants—is the evolving norm.

Smart Grid Reference Guide Provides Recommendations for General Test Policies
Smart Grid Interoperability Process Reference Manual defines requirements and recommendations for general test policies, test suite specifications, test profiles, interoperability testing and certification authority technical programs, governance, laboratory qualifications, and (process) improvements.

NIST Advances Grid Modernization
Smart grid devices, systems, and applications require extensive data exchange, necessitating well-defined interfaces to transfer and translate this data from point to point across the grid.

PODCAST | The Importance of NFPA’s Commissioning and System Integration and Testing Handbook
Denise Pappas of the NEMA Fire, Life Safety, Security and Emergency Communications Section discusses why building owners and stakeholders need to adopt current Standards and codes to ensure the safety of building occupants.

Upcoming Events
The CBRS Alliance kicks off the NEMA 2019 IoTNOW webinar series on March 12 by exploring opportunities that this technology brings to connected systems in enterprises, utilities, and smart cities.

Industrial IoT Connectivity in 3.5 GHz CBRS Band
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