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December 17, 2018 | Volume No. 24 Subscribe
Future of Connected Transportation: Easy
Panelists representing the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Panasonic USA, and the Ford Motor Company, explained how real-time data can improve safety and mobility on the road.

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Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Covers Luminaire Vibration Capacity
American National Standard for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment—Luminaire Vibration includes updated technologies, test background clarification, and a revision of the Test Value Determination and Measurement clause.

Transportation and Lighting Collaborate
A recent working lunch involving the Transportation Management Systems Section and the Lighting Systems Division paved the way for collaborative work projects.

Preparing the Electroindustry Workforce
NEMA launched its Workforce Development Program to address one of the most broadly faced threats to the electroindustry—the skills gap.

Charley Denny Leaves Legacy of Technical Achievement and Family Commitment
A Falk Award recipient and former member of the NEMA Board of Governors, Charley Denny leaves a legacy of technological and trade achievement, marketing and managerial excellence, and dedication to his family.

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