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August 6, 2018 | Volume No. 15 Subscribe
Motors, Drives, and Systems: Getting to Real Energy Savings
Energy savings often start with motors. They are the invisible force behind the compressors in our HVAC systems, the pumps providing water to our homes, and fans of every sort.

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HVAC Retrofit Returns 53 Percent in Fan Energy Savings
The company, with more than four million square feet, is committed to sustainable and resilient asset management, including energy performance improvement.

NEMA Report Helps State Lawmakers Overcome Policy Barriers to Microgrid Use
NEMA published NEMA MGRD R2-2018 State Regulatory and Policy Considerations for Increased Microgrid Deployment.

From the Chairman | David Nord
Whether we’re talking about lighting, HVAC, wastewater treatment, microgrids, or medical imaging informatics, a systems approach relies on the interactions of components within and among its individual parts and ultimately drives consumer satisfaction.

NEMA Publishes Control Circuit and Pilot Device Standard
This Standard covers the requirements for control relays, limit switches, proximity switches, pushbuttons, selector switches, indicating and pushbutton stations.

Current and Future Components Move in Opposite Directions
A nine-point jump brought June's Electroindustry Business Confidence Index (EBCI) current conditions component to its highest reading since January.

Wire and Cable Manufacturers Connect on Trade in D.C.
Members of NEMA’s wire and cable product groups participated in a series of meetings coordinated by NEMA Government Relations on Capitol Hill.

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