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May 1, 2017 Vol. 9  
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Energy Benchmarking Policies Lead to Installation of Energy-Saving Technologies

Benchmarking Policies Encourage Energy-Saving
A recent NEMA survey found that 82% of NYC facility managers who benchmark energy use invest in energy-saving technologies. | read more

What’s Happening with Nuclear Power in the United States?

What’s Happening with U.S. Nuclear Power?
In light of Westinghouse’s bankruptcy, take a look at the trends in the U.S. nuclear industry to determine how it got here and where it’s going. | read more

Current and Future Conditions Indexes Down from Peak but Remain Strong

Conditions Indexes Down but Remain Strong
The current and future conditions index values again matched up exactly, edging down from 76.5 in March to 73.5 in April. | read more

Corporate Sustainability for People, Profit, Planet

Corporate Sustainability for People, Profit, Planet
Schneider's Planet and Society Barometer measures performance in three domains—people, profit, and planet—using 16 metrics, including environment, ethics, and development. | read more

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Breaking News: Benchmarking Policies Encourage Installation of Energy-Efficient Technologies Download the Survey Results

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