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Feb. 21, 2017 Vol. 4  
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NEMA Briefs Congress on Emerging Technologies to Modernize America’s Electric Grid
The House Grid Innovation Caucus talked about the importance of modernizing the U.S. electricity system to keep reliable and clean power flowing to America's homes and businesses. | read more

Regulatory Update and 
2017 Outlook | Image

Regulatory Update and
2017 Outlook

In the closing weeks of the previous administration, the DOE pushed numerous rules to completion in an effort to finalize as many regulatory actions as possible. | read more


Lighting Standards Introduce Lamp Base and Holder for Tubular LEDs
ANSI C81.61-2017 and ANSI C81.62-2017 present specifications for lamp bases and holders and now include G6.6 designations. | read more

NEMA Updates Hardware Standards for Dynamic Message Signs | Image

NEMA Updates Hardware Standards for Dynamic Message Signs
NEMA TS 4-2016 provides transportation industry users with safer, dependable, functional, and easily maintained equipment. | read more

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