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Feb. 6, 2017 Vol. 3  
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Electrical Manufacturers Praise House Passage of Two Regulatory Relief Bills
The House passed legislation that will improve the current DOE rule for external power supplies. | read more


Grid Connectivity to Rely on
EV Charging

With state and federal requirements to incorporate more renewable energy as part of our power generation mix, the grid must also incorporate a massive amount of energy storage. | read more


Confidence Indexes Soar in Spite of Some Year End Weakness and Lingering Uncertainty about Policy Environment
Mixed with guarded optimism, panel comments noted some market softness and uncertainty about the policy course being charted by Washington. | read more


Cities Commit to Using Energy Efficiency
By 2030, the 20 participating cities have the power to save more than $1.5 billion annually in energy bills and reduce carbon pollution by more than 9.6 million metric tons. | read more

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Adopting Volt/VAR Optimization Technologies
Tricia Breeger of Mitsubishi Electric Power Products discusses volt/VAR technologies.
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