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November 6, 2012 | Vol. 21

feature story
The case for a smarter post-Sandy
power grid

by Katie Fehrenbacher of GIGAOM

The power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy on the east coast highlight the needs for a much greater investment in smart grid technology, energy storage systems, clean power, and ultimately a move to a more decentralized power grid architecture.Monday night as I was camped out in front of my Twitter feed—safe and dry in San Francisco—friends and family in New York started tweeting about power failures all over lower Manhattan. Their cell phones, running on batteries and tapping into their carrier's high speed wireless networks—many that are backed up with diesel generators—were still up, even as the power grid went down across many parts of the East Coast.

As of Tuesday morning, around 7.5 million customers were without power across 15 states and Washington D.C. according to CNN. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday morning that he expects power to be out for the next two or three days in New York, "or maybe even longer than that," and he also said that getting the power grid back up and running (along with getting the transit system online) will be the city's "biggest challenges." New York Governor Andrew Cuomo publicly told New York utility ConEd that its initial estimates of restoring power within two weeks were "unacceptable."

The stark contrasts between the resiliency of our data communication networks and our power grid in these situations is unnerving. The power grid is highly vulnerable—it’s still largely a centralized system, with little energy storage capacity at the edges of the network, and it still lacks a lot of the intelligence that Internet architecture has that can deliver self-healing and re-route around damaged systems. And that's a problem.

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NEMA Offers Guidelines for Reducing Impact of Power Outages
In addition to suggestions for building a more resilient electrical grid, the booklet offers recommendations on what public officials can do to promote a stronger grid, explanations of the technology involved, and tips to minimize risks associated with downed power lines.

Standardizations Trends

Free Guide Available to Evaluate Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment
As waters recede, individuals and business owners are assessing the damage and beginning the process of rebuilding.

Industry News

EYE Lighting Acquires LED Luminaires from Aphos Lighting
EYE Lighting International of North America announced it has acquired all assets related to the LED luminaire products from Aphos Lighting of Carrollton, TX. The purchase price was not disclosed. EYE will assume production of Aphos™ brand LED luminaires in its own facility and market the products under the EYE Lighting brand name.

Siemens Wins Order for Power Plant in Venezuela
Siemens received an order to supply two power islands for the Juan Manuel Valdez Güiria combined cycle power plants in Venezuela.

MacLean Power Systems to Open Manufacturing Plant In Trenton
The facility is expected to make hardware connectors, anchoring systems and other components for electrical transmission and other towers."

Global Intelligence

EBCI for Current North American Business Conditions Climbs Closer to Breakeven Mark in October
NEMA’s Electroindustry Business Confidence Index (EBCI) for current North
American business conditions again moved upward, climbing to 45.5 in October
from 42.1 in September and 35.7 in August.

Market Comments

Market Comments by Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson, Ph.D., President Oppenheimer Asset Management, shares his take on the economy in a weekly column Market Comments, which is republished here each Monday. His column provides a quick summary of key economic data releases from the previous week as well as insight about likely developments in financial markets. read more...

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Exploring the Option of Low Cost Thermal Energy Storage
While there is much interest in developing various forms of energy storage at the present day, the popular contemporary technologies involve high capital cost.

Need for Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure Drives the ITS Market
According to a new report by Global Industry Analysts (GIA), the global Intelligent Transportation Systems market is projected to reach US$22.7 billion by the year 2018, driven primarily by the need to enhance road safety by efficiently managing traffic, enforcing speed limits and easing traffic congestion.
ITS International

On the Hill

NEMA Advises U.S., EU Officials on Trade: On October 31, NEMA sent a letter to senior U.S. and European officials recommending areas where the two governments should work together to enhance trans-Atlantic market access for electrical and medical imaging equipment. Prepared in response to a joint U.S.-EU solicitation, the NEMA letter covers new technologies, tariffs, services, remanufacturing, standards, conformity assessment, and regulatory issues and urges that any U.S.-EU talks begin with a high-level of ambition to break down and prevent trade barriers. NEMA is conferring with its EU counterpart, ORGALIME. Senior government officials are expected to make recommendations as early as this month as to whether Washington and Brussels should launch negotiations in 2013 on a comprehensive free trade agreement.
National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

International News

New international consortium helps shape future cybersecurity practices
The Consortium for Cybersecurity Action (CCA), a newly-formed international consortium of government agencies and private organizations from around the world, will host a conference call to promote the most effective approaches to cybersecurity and support eleven key developments which are shaping events.
Homeland Security News Wire

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