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Programs & Events

2019 April

  • CANENA SDO Training to Members
    4/2/2019 to 4/3/2019
    Training forTHC/THSC Chairs and Secretaries at NEMA’s Headquarters in Arlington, VA. Trainingis to be provided by CANENA’s Standards Development Organization (SDO)Representatives including UL’s Valara Davis, ANCE’s Luis Ivan Hernandez, and CSAGroups’ Michael Wilson. CANENA members in good standing participating in technicalcommittee activities are invited to attend.
  • Connected Vehicle Infrastructure Industry Workshop
    NEMA is leading the way in developing Standards to ensure compatibility of the nation's transportation infrastructure to connected vehicles via communication technologies. RSVP to Steve.Griffith@nema.org.
  • NEMA Leadership 2020 Forum
    NEMA invites you to attend its Leadership 2020 Forum to help NEMA Members in leadership positions be more collaborative and innovative in shaping their Division, Section, or Committee’s future. Join us to identify best practices for elevating long term, mutually beneficial relationships, increase value to your company, and improve leadership strategies.
  • Micromobility Industry Workshop
    This workshop will convene micromobility companies to explore options for collaboratively overcoming barriers to the long-term viability of micromobility as a transportation solution. RSVP to Steve.Griffith@nema.org.

2019 May

  • CANENA Executive Committe
    The purpose for this meeting is to review status of open actions.

2019 September

  • CANENA Executive Committee
    An objective of this meeting is to approve the next year’s budget.

2019 December

  • CANENA Executive Committee
    The December CANENA Executive Committee meeting is normally held by conference call meeting to:1. Finalize next year work plan and approve budget 2. Prepare for the 2020 Council Meeting

2020 February

  • 2020 CANENA Council Meeting
    The purpose of the CANENA Council Meeting is to: 1. Receive the report on the activities of the organization since the last meeting; 2. Approve the Auditor's report for the previous year and the budget for the current year; and 3. Confirm actions of the Executive Committee and the Audit Committee taken since the last meeting.


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